School Honors

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1 Moral Advanced School

2 National Advanced Group

3 Modern Educational Technology Experimental School

4 National 5.1 Labor Day Award

5Youth science and technology innovation talents projectExperimental School

6 School of Excellence

7 National School Targeted Aid Work Advanced Unit

8 National traditional sports project school

9 Advanced Unit of Jilin Province

10 High-quality Base School for Beijing Forestry University

11 High-quality Base School for Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

12 High-quality Base School for Communication University of China

13 High-quality Base School for China Agricultural University

14 High-quality Base School for Beijing Jiaotong University

15 High-quality Base School for University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

16 Adolescent's Ideological Construction Advanced School of Jilin Province

17 Model Group of Jilin Province

18 The Best Public Image School of Jilin Province

19 The Subject Research Advanced Group

20 Education and Research Advanced Group

21 The National Youth Physical and Chemistry Contest Popular Science Education of Outstanding Unit

22  2011 Annual Chinese Innovation Education School

23 The First Place of Senior High School Mathematics League

24 First Prize for National Art Performance of Primary and Middle School Students

25 The Second Place of National Junior High School Men's Basketball Championships

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