Where to take my #Squidoo lenses… it takes thought!

There are many choices right now for me and other Squidoo Lensmasters.

What I can do:

1. Do nothing, and see if my lenses go over to HubPages.

2. Copy all my lenses (just in case)

3. Republish my lenses on another hosting site.

4. Host new pages for each lens on my betsyanne site.

5. Take all my lenses off, and think about it some more.

I wish there was at least two months to do this, but there isn’t. By October, the site will be down. And the auto-migration could be anytime, I hear.

Are you on Squidoo? What do you plan?

Luckily there are some groups to talk about this BIG change with. I will share them here. Some are thinking about changing page names.

The Squidoo Contributor Club on Facebook

Lens to Hub Help Facebook Page

Squidoo Facebook Community

The Writer’s Door (once: Squidoo Positivity)

Some other communities are out there that I want to check out too.

One is Goody Guides http://goodyguides.com/about-us/guidelines/ 

Some others I am curious about are: Spacial Anomaly, HubPages, Whyrll, InfoBarrel, Writedge, Seekyt, **Wizzley, Zujava,

Also handy: you can “de-index” pages here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals?pli=1.

I’ll post other ones I find here soon. Time to copy, copy, copy, copy.

Read about the BIG changes on Squidoo at my latest lens: Whoa! Big Changes at Squidoo!

-Lizziebeth on Squidoo

Visit me at my website: http://www.betsyanne.com.

Lensmasters must opt out (of the automatic transfer) before the 25th, so I must get a move on if I want that option.

**Some ex-lensmasters like this place.

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Whoa! Big changes at Squidoo – they are closing the site in October!

AND they are migrating SOME lenses over to HubPages. Whoa and double whoa! This sounds serious, and not good either.

Squid Angel by Greek Geek on Squidoo.

Squid Angel by Greek Geek on Squidoo.

This is just the surprising latest change in a whole list of changes. For me, they were:

1. Shutting down the Squidoo RocketMoms site, and morphing it into a program for new Squids. I didn’t like this, because it cut down on the fun of being on Squidoo. We used to go there, comment on each other’s lenses, and get a great sense of belonging and enthusiasm too. I felt like I was really getting to know other lensmasters.

2. Making new Categories on Squidoo and having people use new Templates. I didn’t jump into this, but others did. I don’t know whether this increased traffic or not.

3. Locking lenses – and requiring Lensmasters to fix or upgrade them, when before they were A-OK and some even won awards for being great. This got pretty confusing, because people were not sure how to fix their lenses.

4. Removing lenses from the site, and letting other people use them (or maybe staff? this was just a rumor though…) And that the site was sold? I guess this was another rumor too.

5. Making the money I made each month NOT apply to ME anymore, because it didn’t go up to $25.00. Before, whatever you made went to you each month. So essentially, it cut the money I made to zero. I wonder if I will receive what I am due now? It is not a lot (thank goodness) but I figure it’s fair to get it. Did they go bankrupt? And why would they? This makes little sense to me, as they make money on ads PLUS they also make money when things sell on Squidoo.

5. Seeing friends on the site moving to other sites because of these things was not fun either, but I thought things MIGHT get better. So I stayed and tried to “fix” my lenses good enough to see changes. Much grumbling was going on.

6. People started to worry that perhaps their lenses would keep on being “dinged” and lose traffic. Nobody really knew why all the changes were happening. It became more confusing than fun to be making lenses. Add an Amazon module? Great. Put a blog link there, also great. But Squidoo auto-programs would ding you sometimes for that.

Squidoo, this latest “change” (shutting down) is very disappointing. And I have the feeling I’m not the only person who thinks that. :-(

<insert a huge frownie face here, Squidoo…>

Here is the official posting by Seth Godin: Squidoo and HubPages: http://hq.squidoo.com/squid-news/squidoo-and-hubpages/

Lizziebeth on Squidoo – http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/lizziebeth

You can still see my lenses until October.

I am still in shock.

Here are some comments from other Lensmasters about this:

“Oh well, 13 days to get my stuff off squidoo. Thanks for giving all of us a boot in the backside Seth” -Susanna

“Holy hell!” -Samantha

“Such a shame” -Sandra

“What the heck?” -pawpaw911

“…Is this a VIRUS?” -luv2help

“Bye Squidoo” -jeff_vance

More news later. I will have to change my header here. Squidoo Liz – now Lizziebeth on HubPages! But I think I have an account there already, which is good. If I migrate these, will I still own them? Much food for thought, and some more research is now needed.




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