Treading water with Squidoo – - how I keep active there

There is MUCH going on right now at The Garden Spot here in Kentucky.

Things are going swimmingly!

A squid treading water

Swimming right along in-between lenses

First off – welcome new readers! It is so fun to get notices about new readers. Make a comment about the posting anytime you want.

Right now I have so much going on, but I also want to keep up with my Squidoo. To keep up really well with my Squidoo until I post a new lens, I am commenting on the Squidoo Boards at SquidU.

Here are some Squidoo Board sections I like the best:

#1: The Introductions area – I like to welcome new Squidoo members here. I also like to tell some new Squidoo members to put links to their lenses at the Critique Me section.


#2. The Critique Me section – I like to comment here and critique 1-3 lenses by different people. I usually don’t write a lot, but I DO use the English Paper Critique method that suggests saying something nice about the lens, then something that the lensmaster can improve.

I try to do these things at least daily or every other day.

One of my other favorites, Kimberley’s Morning Coffee, is now on the Squidoo HQ site, which I like a lot too. You can keep up to date between lenses here too.

I am also checking my comments at my Squidoo Dashboard. I like to OK the comments as soon as possible. Many I comment back on too, or visit at least one of my favorite commenter’s Squidoo lenses.

So… even if you are (like me) between postings, keeping up with Squidoo is pretty easy. PLUS, you get points for being active on the Squidoo sites and helping others there, so you can still be working on getting more points and moving up in the Squidoo Levels.

How is YOUR Squidoo going? Are you busy making lenses this week, or treading water like me? Let me know how you are doing. I hope to have a new lens to list next week for sure.


-Lizziebeth on Squidoo

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