My latest lens page: Seniors Online: Free Resources

Welcome! I have just added a new lens page to my list.

These seniors just love having a computer.

It is Seniors Online: Free Resources. I know I love free things, so I am sharing some of my favorite sites online here.

I have posted free links that have information about Ebay, Flickr, blogging, other Squidoo lenses, resources online, and more.

Libraries can have the most helpful sites and links, I have found, for free things on the ‘net, plus information about free classes, government services, tutorials and classes for seniors, searching on the internet, and surfing anonymously.

This is lens #52, and I am counting up to 100 to apply for the Squid100 Club. Wish me luck! Are you on Squidoo? Would you like to be?

Leave me a comment below. Later!

-Lizziebeth on Squidoo

This neat photo of Seniors hugging is from the Microsoft Image pages.

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