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Photos and art – - do YOU tell where you got them?

While trying to post at least three times a day over at the Squidoo SquidU area lately, I have come across some differing schools of thought about photographs, drawings, and other artwork used on Squidoo. In fact, some people really, really have deep opinions on how photos should be placed and what kind of wording should go with them (like the permission you got to use it!)

Other people feel that everyone should be actively telling their readers where every one of their photos on their lenses come from by actually saying this on their lenses (Squidoo web pages). I like this idea, but think it could take awhile before every lensmaster learns about attribution and what it is all about. I personally try to do this, because I don’t want to get in trouble posting a copyrighted photo or drawing.

A colorful art brush

It's about respect for artists, I think.

The trouble is, there are some people that have not done this. Nobody is naming names, but some people feel these people need to be told about it, or maybe educated about it, so they can fix things if they need to be fixed.

Some people on Squidoo (lensmakers making lenses) have had some photos and art on their lenses that does not say where it is from. Some looks like it might be from other websites. And now that the lens posting is done, and the lenses have been online for quite awhile, it probably would take a lot of time to track each photo on each lens down.

This is problematic. For one thing, nobody really has time for this, especially the small staff, which has many other duties to perform. Also, I know that LOTS of other sites and websites could have problems like this and probably do. It is a problem all across the internet. Just because something is online does NOT mean it is in the public domain and you can use it.

So what is Squidoo policy about this? The policy is to lock a lens if anyone complains of somebody using their photo or artwork illegally. This means that the lens is NOT online anymore, period, until the problem is cleared up. I agree with this policy, because it takes the site down and allows the lensmaster (Squidoo web page maker) to fix their problem(s) and maybe re-publish it after it is fixed.

Some other people on Squidoo (some Angels and other members) have been reporting these lenses (the ones that don’t have printed attribution to them) and then keeping track to see if anything is done. The trouble with this is that some lensmasters might have used something from a site like Clker.com which allows free use of its images without attribution. In this case, a lensmaster (or designer) does not need to put where the photo comes from. This makes it hard to tell if somebody is complying with proper copyright or not.

My solution is to always put down where the photo comes from, even if it is from a “free” type site. This makes it easy for others to tell you are on the up and up, PLUS it could help you personally later too, when you want to use the photo again and can’t remember where you got it.

Anything YOU make yourself could also use a little sentence telling about that, which will make you look smart and tech-savvy. It could also prevent others from lifting your original photo or design.

Clear as mud? (haha)

A beach artist

Let's do another fun drawing for my Squidoo lens!

All for now,

-Lizziebeth on Squidoo

What do YOU think about photo or art attribution? Do you think that there is a lot of illegal usage of other people’s or site’s art out there on the ‘net?

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