Finally Visiting! And got some good news.

Well! I got some good news when I went to see my HubPages today.

I actually earned some money on them! Yes, it was $2.09, but that’s a start.

Several triangles with exclamation points in them show me I have to fix some links. I have one popular posting with traffic going up. It is one of my favorites, called Antique and Collectible Music Boxes.

#1: I will write a note to come here more often, fix my Hubs up, and see what happens.
I’m definitely happy about this!

Betsyanne – Elizabeth Sheppard on HubPages

And here are a couple more of my Sites and Blogs:

My Personal Betsyanne site - fun links, educational pages, and more.

The Nontraditional Student website and blog – helping nontraditional students find help and support.

And (for Girl Scout Volunteers and Staff) The Outdoor Journey website and FB page. Helping to bring more official outdoor program back to Girl Scouting.

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Hi! And welcome to my writing site. This site journals my discoveries - starting on Squidoo, then migrating to Hubpages and beyond. More about me: I live in Kentucky at the Garden Spot. It's great to meet you! And leave a comment too - I love those.
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