I finally did it – Squidoo lenses are now on HubPages, and I’m back to finishing my books.

My writing news for now.

I wrote my writing partner last week. No way were my 3 first books going to be ready to publish again anytime soon.

BUT I plan to do the fun NaNoWriMo experience in November, and I’m not alone. There are several writing groups I’m in now for support, which I can call on anytime. (Thanks writing buddies!)

AND Hubpages now has my former Squidoo lenses. They are called Hubs or Pages now. I have fixed the first ones that have scary skulls on them and taken off the same kind of links and sometimes all of the Amazon or Ebay links. I can always put them back on later.

I am excited because there are more people on my HubPages than there have been on Squidoo. AND more traffic.

So it’s a win for me so far. I can also “follow” people I used to know on Squidoo. A few have followed me so far too.

Yay! I changed my blog title now. I amy change it to something else later on. Suggestions are very welcome.

Betsyanne/formerly Lizziebeth on Squidoo/Elizabeth Sheppard on Hubpages

My profile there: http://elizabethsheppard.hubpages.com/

My Hub page in the Spotlight: Spring is Sprung – a funny poem: http://elizabethsheppard.hubpages.com/hub/spring-has-sprung-2


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Hi! And welcome to my writing site. This site journals my discoveries - starting on Squidoo, then migrating to Hubpages and beyond. More about me: I live in Kentucky at the Garden Spot. It's great to meet you! And leave a comment too - I love those.
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