Squidoo News: Higher Threshold Announced – now is $25.00 – my thoughts and others’ on this.


I just found out that Squidoo will be requiring people to have $25.00 in their accounts before they can be paid each month. Before, they got to specify as low as $1.00 as their threshold.

I found this out just today, from a Facebook group called Squidoo Positivity.

To give this group justice, some people there are trying to find a positive spin on the situation. One said “I think it may be a good thing in the end, because instead of getting a small amount, you’ll get an amount you can actually DO something with.”

Well, I know I personally can do something with even $2.00. Or anything under $25.00.  I don’t have to use much imagination there either. This poster went on to say that most writing sites are this way. Really? Then I am not sure I will try my writing with another writing site.

I’d much rather just finish my books and keep selling online. Just because. But I will probably keep my Squidoo lenses on the site, anyway. AND learn how to make them more profitable, when I get the time to do that. It is not near the top of my list, but still an option.

Anyway… Okay, Squidoo.

Now it won’t be QUITE as exciting. I get from $1.00 to $5.00 each month from Squidoo. Some people (of course) get a lot more, and some get less.

I will be going to the Discussion Boards (Forum)  there to see what people are saying about this latest change.

I’ll bet it will save Squidoo a lot of money. They will be able to use the money and get some percentage from it (not much, the way interest is being given to most people, but some…) so I can see the advantage of this.

Some people will forget about Squidoo and going to check on it, and maybe will take their pages off. That means they will NEVER reach $25.00, not ever, and there must be some rule about this too. Whatever they have earned might go to Squidoo, or might not. It all depends what Squidoo decides to have as their new rule about that.

I wonder how many members they have. If just one-tenth of them decide to leave, and each has, say $2.00 in their accounts, and they leave that to Squidoo, they could get a one-time windfall. Not sure how much it would be though.

“Just saying…”       -Lizziebeth on Squidoo

PS Here is the official announcement and you can also read the comments after this. Some people are very accepting, and others, well, not so much. ;-) http://hq.squidoo.com/squid-news/new-cash-payout-threshold/

Cool Squidoo logo is by GreekGeek! Here is one of her lenses: Squidoo Squid Graphics for Your Lenses!

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