Getting back to basics

Hi, all!

I made a list today in my head about what I need to do on Squidoo every day or as often as possible. Included there are visits to SquidU to visit the Discussion Forum and check on Kimberly’s Morning Coffee and Official SquidTeam Announcements, just in case.

I will also try to comment at least three times anywhere on the Squidoo message boards. It is always nice to try to comment on somebody’s lens… especially a beginner’s lens. I think it helps them keep motivated to do even more.

That reminds me: Squidoo wants to increase the quality of Lens of the Day submissions. Just find a really good Squidoo lens to nominate, then send it to this link by Sunday night: and you will complete a quest!

All for now,


PS Also, I pledge to make more blog postings! I do have several blogs so I will have to figure out how to schedule my time much more efficiently. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am considering putting some (not many) more guest blogs on them. Only good ones, of course.

My other blogs: The Nontraditional Student blog, The Moon and the Willow Tree, Cheap and Free Stuff to do in and around Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Scholarships and Grants. And that does not count my sites, which do need updating. But it would be lots worse NOT to be busy! :-)

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