Well! It’s been awhile. And I’m getting ideas ready.

It’s time to get going on some more Squidoo postings and Lenses.

Surfer Squid from Greekgeek on Squidoo

Surfer Squid from Greekgeek on Squidoo

What to write about? Perhaps having a Zazzle or Cafepress store, OR getting back into Ebay and Amazon.

That would be doubly useful to have something online and then write about it on Squidoo.

Today I will visit the Squidoo Message Boards and say hi to a few new Squids, then also see what people are talking about.

I will put some Free Squidoo Clip Art from Greekgeek on here too. This one is Surfer Squid (at top.) Greekgeek is a long-time Squidoo Lensmaster with loads of tips on how to do well on Squidoo. She’s well worth bookmarking.


- Lizziebeth

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