Now for the Straight Scoop! New Giant Squid Rules from Squidoo and more






Today I found out that a Giant Squid I know is saying that traffic has jumped on one of his lenses.

This is great news. ALSO, I found on the current Squidoo Dashboard: Quests section (I currently have 17 showing) that there is a NEW Quest called The New Giant Squid Application. When I click on it, I go here:

(Interesting web address, no?!)







Anyway, it’s something all Giant Squids will need to fill out. It will be a quality win for Squidoo, and it will help people get back in the swing of doing more Squidoo lenses.

I will give it a try.  I am hopeful that the new lenses will not take as long, and will get more traffic.

Beep! Beep! Here I go!


Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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