Adding Akismet, Rumors vs. Facts about Squidoo, and New Giant Rules, more.

Earphones to listen with

Listening with earphones to rumors at Squidoo







I have heard some more rumors.

They are probably true. One rumor is that Giants must now make at least 4 new Lenses – per year or 1/2 year. That will help me get motivated!

Well, that’s how it is with rumors. It might also be that I only saw PART of an announcement. Because this does not apply to all Giants.

Now I know the fact. Thanks, Katinka! (Spirituality on Squidoo). She is a lensmaker on Squidoo too. She just told me online that “When you apply for the new giant program you have to have created 3 new style lenses (recipe, product or how to) and you have to pledge to make 5 lenses of any type (at least) in 2014.”

Or it may be that older Giants must do 3 lenses per year, and newer ones need to do five. We shall see!

I like this idea, because I’m the kind of person that needs a push to get things done.

Another is that Squidoo was NOT sold (or sold again), despite what I had heard as a rumor before. At least, that is what I saw on a Squidoo Board. It is possible that the first Squidoo people have transferred some job duties though, or maybe it was sold MUCH earlier in time. If I hear differently, I will post it on this blog.

I added Akismet today too. Akismet is a service that helps you NOT get spam comments. I finally put it on here, and hopefully it will be helpful.

So… now I must decide what Squidoo lens to do.

More: I have been taking OFF multiple links to Ebay or Amazon. I think it makes my posts look MUCH better.

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