Squidoo Update for Sept. 18 – updating all Lenses, more.

This month, I HAVE been updating my lenses. They are not all done, but I’ve been plugging away at it. have not made any new ones though. I will if my lenses start making some money again. But I’ve decided NOT to do another lens until then.

It’s always a good idea to open up a lens and republish it though. I have made some title changes and also have been going to the Squidoo Forum to keep up with the latest changes and talk, mainly at my favorite, the Squidoo Lounge. I can find out what features have been changed here. Usually, a new feature is introduced OR an old feature is taken out at least once a month. Plus, bugs can be reported there sometimes. Today when I went to the Squidoo Lounge, I found out that the AllPosters links might have a bug in them.

Bugs are usually reported, and fixed soon. So I won’t worry about it UNLESS I hear that we should take them off, and this is usually an OFFICIAL report. So until then, I will assume that everything is A-OK.

Are you on Squidoo? What do you think about the recent changes? A curious Lensmaster would love to know. Some people are saying today that traffic is slightly better for their lenses. My fingers are officially CROSSED. :-)

More later. And as usual, thanks for stopping by.

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