Trouble in Squidoo City? I’ll stay for now…

A famous denizen of Squidoo has branched out and now has her own website. It is Eelkat, one of the site’s most interesting writers. I like her! She has neat lenses here still, like How to Start a Publishing Company, and Living with Asperger’s Syndrome. She has a great style of writing, and many fans.

About a month ago, many of her lenses were taken off the Squidoo site. Then some other people quickly made their own lenses and used her names! They already had a lot of traffic, she said, and so she lost out on this.

You can read more about what happened here at Eelkat’s Facebook page (Eelkat Wendy C. Allen) or just scroll down on her Bio, which is on her lenses. See more of her lenses just by looking her name, Eelkat, up on the Squidoo site in the search box.

So far, she has her site up already, and has transferred many of her lenses there. I hope she is very successful there. She still is on Squidoo, too, and used to have a LOT of lenses there.  I don’t agree with letting others get the good traffic titles that Lensmasters use to have there… I think these should have gone to the original Lensmasters to fix up.

Anyway, I also heard that the whole site was sold, so of course there were changes, just because everyone who buys something usually does that.

I will be waiting to see if things improve there. But I was sorry to hear what happened to Wendy and others. It’s hard to know what the new rules are, but on the good side, I am glad that people who did not credit their photos are not there on Squidoo anymore. (NOT Eelkat, I don’t think she did that).

So that’s it for this week.

I’ll be updating this week, and hope to do it BEFORE the lenses are tallied next month.

More later. And as usual, thanks for stopping by.

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