More researching… plus some more helpful Squidoo sites and blogs

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Looking for good Squidoo information

I have been reading a lot of Squidoo blogs lately. They inspire me to keep on making Squidoo lenses and going for Giant Squid.

Here are some of the blogs and sites I have been following:

SquidooGirl (of course – - this lensmaster is doing so great! I want to learn as much as possible from her…)


Pot Pie Girl

Pastiche’s blog, 20th Century G33k Grrl

GreekGeeks Squidoo blog: Squidbits

And of course SquidU – - concentrating on Kimberly’s Morning Coffee, Official SquidTeam Announcements, and Critique Me. I try to do a critique on at least 3 people per week.

I found some more Squidoo blogs to explore today too:, and PotPieGirl’s top 100 Squidoo Blogs.

The fun art at the top of this blog is from the Microsoft Art pages.

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