Squidoo is getting serious about shutting down lens pages!


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I just got a very interesting newsletter from a network marketer.

I hadn’t erased this person’s emails from my list yet. But I am glad I didn’t because I got to hear some news.

She told a story about a Squidoo lensmaster with Tier 1 (the highest level) Squidoo lenses. This person had a bunch of lenses shut down. They no longer show up on Squidoo at all.

This is happening to more than one Lensmaster, I have heard. But to be fair, there have been complaints about some things that some lensmasters do. Maybe these people are not using their own words and plagiarizing. They could also be sharing photos that are copyrighted too.

Squidoo gave all lensmasters a warning, and some weeks to “fix” their lenses and make sure that all the copy there belonged to them, and that they weren’t “spammy”. Google hates spam sites, and penalizes the entire site because of it sometimes.

It’s all part of Squidoo’s new push towards more quality lens pages. At first, it was confusing and kind of scary to think that my lenses might get “locked” and have to be fixed, one by one. I have been crossing my fingers.

There is no way to check this person’s lenses and see what was going on with them, now that the affected lenses are not there anymore. I must admit, I am curious about that. These people have been earning big money at Squidoo.

Have I been earning money? Well, a little. But Tier 1 people have been earning about $46 per lens! That is a lot, compared to $7 for Tier 2 and 40 cents and 9 cents for the other, less popular lenses.

I hope someday to have a Tier 1 lens. I do feel a bit sorry for people who were counting on the income… but not if they were not following Squidoo rules.

I think I’ll go explore the Squidoo Boards at the site and see what others are saying about this today.

Are you Squidooing? How have your lenses been doing? Have you been locked at all?

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