Squidoo’s New Changes and Explanations for Lensmasters

There are more changes to come on Squidoo.

I just completed two new Quests on my Squidoo Dashboard. They are:

#1. The Elements of a Personal Lens, and

#2. New Product Lens Guidelines.

It seems they will be looking at different lenses during the next two weeks. Lensmasters (in my opinion) should check their lenses for quality and make sure they aren’t spammy.

Some lensmasters are confused about this. They have been way up on the list and some people have gotten awards for the kinds of lenses that Squidoo now is frowning on. They may “lock” more lenses because of this. Google does not like spam, so Squidoo wants quality above all. Product lenses are OK, they are saying, but they need to be personal.

It would also help if they were funny and not just an advertisement.

And duplicate content is OUT.

I agree with other posters on the site that Squidoo should also care about photos that are being used illegally. But that is harder to check out and enforce.

I will be waiting to see what happens. I do hope that spammy lenses will be locked this week. I have my fingers crossed and hope some of mine don’t have that happen to them!

I am not quitting; instead, I want to see what these changes could mean to me and other Squidoo lensmasters.

::::crossed fingers::::-Lizziebeth


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