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Revving Up for the Squidoo Races...Hi everyone! It's almost New Year's Eve. One of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be to try for Giant Squid. That means I need to make 50 good Squidoo lenses.

Hi, everyone! It’s almost New Year’s Eve.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to make 50 good lenses as soon as I can.

My Squidoo total is still at 44 lenses, so I have 6 more lenses to finish before applying for Giant Squid.

If there are some other people on Squidoo who would like to get a move on (like I know I have to…) consider joining a group.

I am in RocketMoms but took the last Challenge off. I may take the next one off too, just to make sure I get all my lenses done.

Here are links to the best groups and a helpful sites that I have tried. I hope you like them.

#1: Get Cracking – this neat group publishes its assignments every day. They can be found at Squid U. at their very own Discussion Group. Be prepared to work hard here. Robin and Bonnie come up with assignment so you can make a lens per day.

#2. RocketMoms – this is an invitation-only group, but I was told people could go to this page, and click on the orange link at the top right that says “Join a Free RocketMoms Session.” Then see what happens.

#3. Squid Utilities – this site helps you fine-tune your lenses. It was made by thefluffanutta on Squidoo.

Off I go! If you are also on Squidoo, comment below and let me know some of what you are doing too. If not, you can join Squidoo here.


-Lizziebeth on Squidoo

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