Get advice from a Squidoo guru!

There are definitely some Squidoo Gurus out there.

I will share a few here.

These Squidoo Lensmasters sometimes have their own blogs, and give advice to newbies as a matter of course.

Greek Geeks Idea Squid







This neat Squidoo image is by GreekGeek on Squidoo.

Here are some I have found so far:

Spirituality: Spirituality on Squidoo is also known as Katinka. She has some great Squidoo lens pages. One of my favorites so far is her lens, Rumi Sayings and Quotes.

Tipigal: Tipi (Suzie) has an intro Squidoo lens here: Tipi the Tipigal is Susan Lehto.

PotPieGirl: She started out using Squidoo, then branched out and now offers tips and books, plus a course in Internet Marketing. Here is an interesting lens I found from her: PotPieGirl’s Internet Marketing Tools.

Seth Godin was a prime mover and helped Squidoo get off the ground. He has written many Marketing books, including Purple Cow. Here is a Squidoo lens he wrote: What Matters Now. It has a free download link to the Ebook.

I am not a guru, but I have learned a few tips about Squidoo so far. You can find out my tips by reading my Lens, Free Squidoo Secrets: From Newbie to Giant Squid. I hope you like it.

Until next time!

Lizziebeth on Squidoo

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