Updating my Squidoo AND How to Gift a Lens

Hi Squidoo Fans!

My office and me

Editing my Squidoo lenses

Today I am updating. Every so often I go and update ALL my lenses. I add new modules, add new tags, and generally update each as I look through it.

Then I save each one again. From the dashboard, the date on my lenses change. I use a system (top down or bottom up) which helps me stay on task.

When I do this, my lenses go up in rankings! So I need to remember to do this more. In the past, I did this with a few lenses at a time. NOW I will do them all every week. I think this will really help.

Another thing I found out is that right now you can “gift” a lens to somebody. It can be somebody you know on Squidoo or a family member or friend. YOU set the lens up, and then send it off.

You may want to do that too. Here is a link that explains this further:

GIFT A LENS. You also need to read this Gift Lens Guide too: http://www.squidoo.com/lens-gifting.

You can also TRADE lenses if you want to. More things I will do now:

1. Make more postings here

2. Make TWO lenses a week (before, I did one lens a week), and…

3. Update my lenses at least once a week.

Happy Squidooing!

Squidoo Liz

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