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Ebay’s Whitman Campus by Steven Arnold  (see the link at the end of this posting.)


Hi, all!

I have been very busy online. The next place to get busy on is Ebay. I want to list something every week, starting today or tomorrow.

On Squidoo, I have added a couple of new lenses, and updated a few too. My newest lenses are Antique and Collectible Dolls, and Fill Your House with Holiday Music.

The second one was part of a new Quest listed at the Squidoo site, which puts new lenses in the Music category into a magazine called Celebrate on Squidoo.

I ran across some great Ebay advice on Squidoo lately too. There are some Power Sellers there who have terrific hints. That is what makes me interested in getting back on Ebay. I hope to do that soon.

How are YOU doing? Are you on Squidoo yet? It is really fun, AND a way to make extra money too. Some people are making a LOT there. I hope to join them.

All for today,

Lizziebeth on Squidoo

My personal blog is The Moon and the Willow Tree, and my personal website is

Not on Squidoo yet? I’m writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me.

See the original Ebay image at the Wikipedia Commons site.

And See you on Squidoo!

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