Touching base with my awesome readers… and an FYI if you use Pinterest with your lenses

Squidoo.. and Pinterest

Pinning stuff for Pinterest.I have been updating my Squidoo lenses, and found that it has been definitely helping to say hi to new Squidoo members on the Squidoo Forum, and stopping by the other Forum categories.

I found out there just this week that people on Pinterest should stop putting their own Squidoo lenses there as a Board.

It is probably still OK to list other people’s lenses, but the safe thing to do if you are using Pinterest is to take OFF any Pinterest Board that contains links to your lenses.

The reason behind this is that Amazon (which has a Squidoo module I use) does not have a direct link to their sales modules if somebody comes to the lens via Pinterest. So it doesn’t work as well to even have an Amazon module on your lens and use Pinterest.

AND, as Pinterest has some potential copyright issues in the future, some lensmasters feel it is safer not to put your own links there, at least for now.

So I took mine off. Period. I do still have some links to other people’s lenses I like on Squidoo there though.

Are you on Pinterest? Do you list your own or others’ lenses? I am curious to know.

And just saying, my readers here are awesome. I hope you are doing well. Happy Squidooing!

All for now,

Lizziebeth on Squidoo and Betsyanne77 on Pinterest.

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