Remembering Mom with a brand-new Squidoo lens

Mother and child

Flowers for MomMy mom passed away recently, on February 1st, 2012. I have a Remembrance Page here (p. 1).

My mom passed away recently, on Feb. 1, 2012. I have a Remembrance Page for her online now on my Betsyanne site here: Remembrance Page One.
Now I also have a Squidoo page about her. I talk about the advice I have gotten from my Mom in my life.

I have posted a few photos here too, and some other Squidoo lenses about moms.

There is a poll question in it too. Did (or does) your Mom give good advice? I am curious to know.

Here is that link: Lessons my Mom taught me.

I hope you are doing well. Spring is definitely here at the Garden Spot here in Kentucky. I have some garden plans which of course include tomatoes. I love the taste of home-grown tomatoes, don’t you?

Well, I’m off until next time. Leave a comment!

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