My second lens is done – Healthy Treats and More for Halloween

The RocketMoms Fall Challenge, Continued…

cruising along with the RocketMoms on Squidoo

The RocketMoms October Fun Week logo

I have done the second assignment for the RocketMoms Fall Challenge 2011, which was to be a lens on October Fun.

The title for my #2 lens was Healthy Treats and More for Halloween.

The assignment for the Lens #3 for the RocketMoms Fall Challenge was posted Sunday.

The assignment this week is to explore a “Super Niche” We are to drill down deeply into a subject.

I hope to get it done tomorrow. Now to think of a subject!

Lizziebeth on Squidoo (come visit – and join Squidoo to make your OWN lens.)

PS I hope my readers are having a good, productive week. :-) I do appreciate you all so much. Leave a comment and say hi.

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