It’s Rocket Moms Time! Fall Rocket Moms 2011


Go me! My new lens.

The new Fall Rocket Moms session has become as of Sunday. I made my first weekly lens for it. It is another About Me type lens, and it’s about Four Important Goals I am working on.

Here is the link:

My newest Squidoo lens page: Four Important Goals.

I would not have been motivated to do a lens today, but being on Rocket Moms really is a great way for me to be spurred to action.

I also commented on some other lenses today while I was making mine.

One idea (which I haven’t done much, but did do today) I tried was actually TELLING people that I had put their lens on my lens as an example. I think people like it when you use their lens on yours. Then I also commented on and Twittered about the page or gave them a thumbs up.

I am excited because making lenses seems to be getting easier. I can copy things from other lenses that look good to me, and being a Squidoo Giant means that I can work from a template, which also cuts down on the time.

Rocket Moms Fall Session 2011

Rocket Moms Fall 2011

Wish me luck! And come say hi if you are also doing Rocket Moms Fall Challenge.

Lizziebeth on Squidoo

Some RocketMoms sites: RocketMomsHQ, RocketMoms on Facebook, and RocketMoms on Twitter.


PS The cool victory baby art is from the Microsoft Images Pages.

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