Don’t you just cringe… when somebody makes a bad decision in a horror movie?

Scary skull border

I would NOT want to see one of these floating around in real life.

This is one of my pet peeves. Why do people make such STUPID decisions in horror movies? Like maybe OPENING THE DOOR without looking to see who knocked. Or splitting up to search a house where maybe there is a murderer lurking. Ack! Such stupid decisions.

I find myself wanting to shout at the actors – - No, no! Stop that! It can be hard to watch horror movies sometimes when bad decisions are involved.

My latest Squidoo page is about just this subject. It also has a Duel Module added to it so people can vote on what kind of horror movie is their favorite: a suspenseful one OR a slasher-type movie.

I had fun finding clip art for this one. I’m a horror movie fan from way back. I think that’s why.

So… (drumroll, please!) here it is, my newest lens:

Horror Movies and Stupid Choices: Why do people make stupid choices in horror movies?

I had a lot of fun making this. I came to a new conclusion, too. Having this Squidoo Liz site has helped me stay focused. I know I need to post here, so having a lens to list is the perfect solution.

Scary skull border

See you on Squidoo!

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