Fixing…. fixing… My first Squidoo Lens Fixing List.

Some people just quit Squidoo instead of fixing their lenses first, which I think will cause problems. I say, try to fix them.

andy_tools_clkr_150Here is my thinking: it’s worth it to try to figure out what is going on – - on each lens that is marked with red (unpublished) BEFORE the deadline, and seeing if what you do to fix it makes a difference.

There are many postings about how to fix lenses in the Squidoo Forum. I just copied these in order to get lots of ideas. If what I do today does not seem to work, I will try other ideas I find there and other places online.

Here are some things YOU can do/try to fix your lenses: (After saving each one’s copy and photos to your computer, each in a separate folder.)

1. Take off unnecessary CSS or code.

2. Check your links to make sure they are all “live”. This goes for EVERY link. I have heard that even one link that is not working may result in the unpublishing of your lens.

3. Make sure you don’t have too many Sales Modules/links to Products vs. Text.

4. Make sure they are not “Squid Don’t” subjects. AND check your title – you may have changed it, but make sure it does not have a subject there that tripped the automatic filter.

5. Make sure all your copy is totally original (I won’t have to do this, because all mine is already original). If you think that your lens was flagged because of this, (and your copy is original) try to find the place someone ELSE has copied YOUR material.

6. Try other things – - like making sure you have credited every photo. And write a little more content on sections you feel may be too short.

7. Check your comments, and make sure you don’t have any spam there either. (Luckily, I have the “check first” selected on those.

8. You can also try and check to see if somebody else is using YOUR copy illegally.

9. Check Keyword Density – are you repeating a certain word too much? Try to use a different word sometimes. (One poster said any word above 2% is too dense in your copy.) Someone said that seobook has a good checker. Make sure it is free first.

10. Add “descriptive text” to any Amazon modules or other sales Modules.

11. Check your “text to links” ratio. You maybe should have more text than links, as this makes it more personal.

12. Check your “Outbound Links”. Your lens must not promote yourself too much.

13. Is your Guestbook spammy? Here is how to fix it.

Then… try to republish. I have not had much luck with this yet, but hopefully will later.

After doing all you can, write down what you changed on every lens you are re-doing. Then send this along with a short explanation to: (goes to Bonnie D.)

and (The suggested email for questions about locked lenses)


And here, just for fun, and maybe more, here are some Lenses by other Lensmasters and one by a Staff member that show that having a Locked or Questioned Lens is NOT the end of the world, and that they CAN be fixed. THEN you get a “Greenlight” from Squidoo. I look forward to that.

 Locked Lens РGetting Unlocked

 Getting a Greenlight

How to fix Spun Content (this has other fix-it tips on it too)

Product Lens Guidelines – here is a quote from here:

No-no’s from this Lens: “Lenses that exist for the sole purpose of selling a product….Using too many “buzz” words like cheap, Top 10, Best of… Cookie Cutter lenses” <with the year on them>…”Ugly buttons”. ..<Weak language>”This is a really neat can opener”… “Thin content…generic… Creating a list about regular household items like shower curtains or can openers probably won’t be that unique or useful…unless you have an obsession for it.”

Squid Don’t – what is allowed, and NOT allowed, on Squidoo

Common Lens Mistakes and how to Fix Them


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Uh-Oh! Some Squidoo Lenses Got LOCKED! Plus, other Writing Sites Online besides Squidoo

Oh, I do love Squidoo still. Or maybe I just like it. I have many good memories of it! I can remember when there were RocketMoms. We helped each other succeed.

computer squid

Computer Squid!







It’s still a neat place, because some friends are still there. But it does seem to have changed somewhat lately. Some of my best Squidoo friends have left the site now. I don’t like that.

But I am staying – at least for now. But now I have several LOCKED lenses now (it happened this week) that I need to check out, then edit.

BUT I won’t get my Squid-tentacles in a bind. I will go through these links and see what new rules have come about since I was making lenses here., and

THEN the thing to do is to write an email to:, including just what I have done to fix each “spammy” lens. I have seen a LOT of spammy lenses on here. The whole trick was making a lens that was both interesting and might make some money too. So it will be all about taking OFF any ads or additional things that might point to my personal sites.


Onward and Upward! This is a perfect saying for this situation.


So…. what are some OTHER places to investigate? Where have some people gone to that used to be on Squidoo? I have a couple of ideas. And I have found a few of my old Squid Friends. I will write about them soon and share where they are now, and what they are doing now. Stay tuned!








And thanks for visiting, my awesome readers!

Lizziebeth on Squidoo

PS These awesome graphics to use on Squidoo are by GreekGeek, one of the best Lensmasters on Squidoo.

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