Seth Godin, owner of #Squidoo, now is going to pay Lensmasters before selling site

This is GREAT news.

Everyone has been talking about all the big changes at Squidoo. The LATEST change is that the owner of the site has agreed to pay the Lensmasters what they are due. Since the recent change from “paid every month” to “paid only if the total is $25.00 or above”, many Lensmasters (writers) on the site have been upset.

Now, when the site is being sold and Lensmasters are being transferred over to a new site (HubPages) Mr. Godin has changed his mind and WILL be paying his writers.

So that is good.

Read more about what other people are thinking and the choices they have to make this month. I have found out that other sites and writers on other platforms have gone through this before.

When you pay at least half of what you make to a site, it stands to reason that you COULD make more yourself on your own site or blog.

BUT there is the question of traffic too. A site like Squidoo used to have a lot more traffic. Then I believe that some people were posting photos that were not their own or shareable, and copying others’ writing word for word, and this cut down on the number of people visiting, because Google did not give the site as much authority as before.

But that’s just one theory. One person said that the owner was just bored and wanted to move on to another project. I just don’t know. I would have to hear from him personally to really know.

I haven’t made up my mind…. yet… what to do with my copy/writing projects here. I’ll be thinking about it every day until the end of the month, perhaps.


Lizziebeth on Squidoo

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Where to take my #Squidoo lenses… it takes thought!

There are many choices right now for me and other Squidoo Lensmasters.

What I can do:

1. Do nothing, and see if my lenses go over to HubPages.

2. Copy all my lenses (just in case)

3. Republish my lenses on another hosting site.

4. Host new pages for each lens on my betsyanne site.

5. Take all my lenses off, and think about it some more.

I wish there was at least two months to do this, but there isn’t. By October, the site will be down. And the auto-migration could be anytime, I hear.

Are you on Squidoo? What do you plan?

Luckily there are some groups to talk about this BIG change with. I will share them here. Some are thinking about changing page names.

The Squidoo Contributor Club on Facebook

Lens to Hub Help Facebook Page

Squidoo Facebook Community

The Writer’s Door (once: Squidoo Positivity)

Some other communities are out there that I want to check out too.

One is Goody Guides 

Some others I am curious about are: Spacial Anomaly, HubPages, Whyrll, InfoBarrel, Writedge, Seekyt, **Wizzley, Zujava,

Also handy: you can “de-index” pages here:

I’ll post other ones I find here soon. Time to copy, copy, copy, copy.

Read about the BIG changes on Squidoo at my latest lens: Whoa! Big Changes at Squidoo!

-Lizziebeth on Squidoo

Visit me at my website:

Lensmasters must opt out (of the automatic transfer) before the 25th, so I must get a move on if I want that option.

**Some ex-lensmasters like this place.

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