HubPages Update – - how my Hubs are doing.

fireman_alarmI went to check today (Jan. 19 2015) and found some HubPages need updating.

This fireman to the left makes it seem like I have to hurry up to get this done. Really, I don’t. I have been reading about updating from other HubPages hubbers. Either I can update them asap, or move them. Possible choices for moving or updating are:

1. Cinderella’s Awesome Pumpkin Carriage (not published) – this used to be a most popular page on Squidoo, though it took spurts.

2. Play the Girl Scout Maori Stick Game (ditto) – fun stuff.

3. John Carpenter, Halloween, and Bowling Green, KY (There IS a connection…) – I liked this one.

And the rest of these are also unpublished.

4. Antique and Collectible Music Boxes – the most popular posting I had in the past on Squidoo.

5. Ten Valentine’s Gifts to Dream About (written for Squidoo, really…) – not worth keeping, really.

6. Spring is Sprung – a funny poem – nice enough.

7. Healthy Treats for Halloween (another Squidoo non-gem) – can be deleted, I think.

8. Title for Basic Template A (not sure how this got in there…) – deletion is OK on this too. It must be a template left over from Squidoo days.

If I redo these to keep them OK for whatever reason, HubPages says that they may not “unlist” them. But who knows. Do their systems really work? Can they tell if I have done my editing work? I don’t know, because I hae not had a Hub deleted before. But they very well might work.

They are doing one person at a time, which reminds me so much of what Squidoo did earlier. Since I don’t earn much here, and must get my account up to $50.00 before getting paid.

AND if my dibbles and dabbles don’t add up to this much, the amount is erased (i.e. HubPages gets my money) every year.

So far, my monthly times 12 income is not near that. So it would make sense not to make money for just HubPages and put these articles (especially the best ones) on one of my own websites. Just saying.

That takes time, but I think might be worth doing. We’ll see how these do in the next couple of months before I make a final decision.

‘Til next time!


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Finally Visiting! And got some good news.

Well! I got some good news when I went to see my HubPages today.

I actually earned some money on them! Yes, it was $2.09, but that’s a start.

Several triangles with exclamation points in them show me I have to fix some links. I have one popular posting with traffic going up. It is one of my favorites, called Antique and Collectible Music Boxes.

#1: I will write a note to come here more often, fix my Hubs up, and see what happens.
I’m definitely happy about this!

Betsyanne – Elizabeth Sheppard on HubPages

And here are a couple more of my Sites and Blogs:

My Personal Betsyanne site - fun links, educational pages, and more.

The Nontraditional Student website and blog – helping nontraditional students find help and support.

And (for Girl Scout Volunteers and Staff) The Outdoor Journey website and FB page. Helping to bring more official outdoor program back to Girl Scouting.

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